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Esfahan Rafea Yadavaran Research & Engineering Company

Manufacture of pressure vessels, laboratory and industrial reactors, Magnetic Couplings, laboratory and industrial autoclaves, pharmaceutic fermenters , condenser and mixers

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Isfahan Yadavaran Rafea Research & Engineering Company

Isfahan Yadavaran Rafea Research Engineering Company, a manufacturer of pressure vessels, Reactor, Fermenter, Autoclave, Pilot Plant, Magnetic Coupling, started its activity in 2004 as a knowledge-based company and is proudly continuing its activities under the supervision of Isfahan Scientific Research Town.



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Rafea Company, due to its self-sufficiency in manufacturing and supplying parts, has the lowest price and the highest possible quality.

Our innovations

The inventions we have made

Esfahan Rafea Co. Manufacturer of laboratory equipment and pressure reactors

Centrifugal pre-filter for installation in road construction machinery

Fixed central vacuum cleaner for use in bus terminals

Urban leaf collecting machine

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